Shorter development cycles, quicker time to market, reduced costs without waste by using your patterns to create 3D virtual models. 3D virtual fashion allow to test patterns’ style and size, try different graphics/prints and colors, engage your audience. Reduce physical samples to one.

I can help you to meet the current demands of fashion industry by supporting you on better, quicker and more cost-effectively developments.

3D Samples

Test your patterns before cutting the fabric.
I can help you with the necessary adjustments using the apropriate avatar.

Digital Prints

Visualize your prints and graphics on your patterns before printing them on the fabric.

We can scale and place the graphics on the garment as you wish.

Fit Samples

Test the size of your garment. Check whether your patterns are too tight or too large by looking at the strain/stress maps for fitting.

Fabric Draping

Test which fabric fits better in your model before sampling. I can help you trying different fabrics, with different weight, drape, or flexibility and visualize how they look in your item.


Digitize your fabrics

With just a small fabric sample, I can digitize your fabric so that we can use the digital fabric directly with your 3D scene.

You send in material samples and get back perfect digital textures and/or your digital clothing with the perfect digital textures.

3D Rendered Images

Use rendered images of your garments in your website or social media.

Present your collection to your customers before producing.

I can create high-quality photorealistic images of entire collections

Style options

Try different combinations of items or colors before deciding your preferred looks.

I can make this changes quickly and realistically.

3D Rendered Animations

Give your clothes some animation. From simple walking to crazy dancing, with or without avatar, almost everything is possible.

Augmented Reality

Engage your audience by offering to your customer an interactive experience. Customers can play with their favorite models, watch them from any perspective and at any place. They can try and share with friends.

IG/FB Filtering

Engage your audience by offering to your customer an interactive experience. Customers can try different colors, prints or play with fun effects. They can try and share with friends.

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